The increasing interaction of media with our lives has almost made it necessary to live with media. Which is why, to entertain people, companies and industries are working day and night to create engaging content and the competition fuels their motivation further. Thousands of television series and movies are available easily on either your local television or especially on online platforms, from where you can easily stream them and binge watch any season for hours.

The Kitchen Musical is a TV series of Singaporean origin which is based on the story that revolves around a restaurant, where the star of the show, a girl discovers the strength of her talents and her voice while working in the restaurant named as The Avilon, which is her father’s restaurant and happens to be one of the very famous restaurants in Paris. The girl has just graduated from a culinary arts school and is finding her way to become independent and confident in life. She learns the art of being independent and to work hard to live, instead of just getting her way and spending her parent’s money.

This show was produced exclusively by the Media Prima Berhad company from Singapore and aired in October 2011. The show is easily available for online streaming although there may be a geotag restriction at selected places. For example, at movies123 you can watch it for free.

The show aired in about 12 countries, including Australia and East Asia, and got the highest viewership from the Malaysian audience such that it led to major criticism on the show’s airing in Malaysia. The show consists of fresh actors that are new to the filming industry and are indigenous to the region. The Kitchen Musical has a total of about thirteen episodes all an hour long each, featuring the different cuisines and wine, with a different menu for each episode in the series. Even though the restaurant is depicted to be set in Paris, all of the filming for the show was carried out in Singapore.

The show is said to be a mixture of genres, as it involves a self-discovery journey of a female lead in the show, as well as the setting is of a restaurant and the series is somewhat a drama, musical and fantasy; combination of the three. After the release of the season, The Kitchen Musical gained major popularity which led to the Gold award for Best writing and Bronze award for the performance at the New York International Film and Television Awards just a year after the release of the show. The writer for the television series said that he was rather unsure about the series while writing it because of the new way he wanted to tell a story that involved rather unusual combination; food, music and self-discovery. He especially added humorous elements to the screenplay every now and then to engage the audience’s interest.

The Kitchen Musical won another award at the World Media Festival for the Intermedia-Globe Gold Award which was a milestone for the production company and the whole team of the series.